Policies and Procedures


Company Ballet School

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Policy and Procedures for Company Ballet School 2018

It is the desire of myself and Company Ballet School to build a quality ballet school, training students to be the best possible dancers they can be. This requires dedication, and perseverance on the part of teachers, parents and students. We work together as a team to provide each student with the tools they need to be successful in dance, school and their future life. We teach not only ballet but build self-confidence, self-esteem, commitment, perseverance, and good health. Company Ballet School is a serious classical ballet school meant for students looking to have real quality instruction. Company Ballet is far more than a recreational school. It demands dedication and quality from all who attend.

Attendance: Company Ballet School encourages all students to attend class on a very regular basis. If you are unable to attend class please call ahead and schedule a make up class. There are no refunds for missed classes. 

Attire: Proper attire is necessary to participate in class. Beginning July 2008, we will go to a color-coded leotard for each level. Please see the class descriptions page for the colors of each level. Ballet pink tights and pink shoes are also required for all classes. Hair for Creative Movement is pig tails. Hair for Level Pre Ballet and higher must be secured in a tidy bun with no hair in the face.

Tuitions and Refunds: Tuition is due and payable to Company Ballet School on the 1st day of the month not the first class of the month. A $10.00 late fee will be assessed by Company Ballet School for any tuition unpaid within 5 days of the due date. Company Ballet School  is unable to issue refunds of any kind. When enrolling later than the 5th day of the month CBS will pro rate the first months tuition. 

Class level and placement: Each student is treated as an individual and placed according to their own needs. At any time a child may need to be moved up or down according to their abilities. The most important thing is your child’s success. If the class is too hard or too easy they may get discouraged.

General Rules: It is most important that students are on time to class. Coming in late can disrupt the class and the tardy student will not have the proper warm up to keep from getting injured. Please clean up after yourselves before leaving the studio. Please pick up your child promptly after class as there may not be anyone to watch them if I am teaching or if I have to leave immediately after class. Parent observation is through the viewing window only.

Facility Our goal is to provide a refreshingly positive experience and change the way people view dance schools. Our guests enjoy an atmosphere of relaxation and cleanliness in our dance facility while being treated with respect by our professional staff.

Company Ballet School is a year round school. This means we will continue our regular classes throughout all 12 months of the year unless you are registering for a session-based class. When registering for regular classes at Company Ballet School you register for one year of classes. Tuition remains the same each month for 12 months. If you need to withdraw from the school you must submit in writing your intent to withdraw and an early withdrawl fee equal to one moths tuition. Our  summer schedule may changes but is part of our 12 month year September-August. Continuous study is very important in ballet. When a long break is taken the child looses muscle control, flexibility and memory of terms and steps.

At Company Ballet School we work hard and are rewarded with fun studio theatre productions that allow us to show off our hard work and explore new dance styles as well as build valuable performing skills. These shows are in addition to the recitals and are open to all students in the school.

Thank you for your enrollment in Company Ballet School.